◘ Deals & Sales for 12W x 96H Lifetime Vinyl Custom Three

◘ Deals & Sales for 12W x 96H Lifetime Vinyl Custom Three Board Spaced (3 Batten) Board-n-Batten Shutters w/Shutter-Loks (Per Pair) Paintable


12W x 96H Lifetime Vinyl Custom Three Check Out New Sales for:

The Best 12W x 96H Dress up your windows with our high quality Lifetime exterior vinyl shutters. The most rustic looking of popular exterior shutter styles board and batten house shutters were the most common type of shutter in America until the mid-18th century when lighter and open louver shutters became more common. Today they are most often used to bring back the charm of that era in our history and to match period-style architecture. These shutters are made of durable vinyl one of todays most versatile exterior materials. With a rich woodgrain molded into each pair they are a great alternatives to traditional wooden shutters providing the look of wood without the possible upkeep. They are lightweight easy to maintain and resistant to water damage warping and peeling. Our vinyl shutters are available in a full range of rich colors and are one of the best value products you will ever purchase for your home. New Deal on 12W x 96H Lifetime Vinyl Custom

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