☮ Heres a Great Price on 22Pcs Home Water Block Water Purifier

☮ Heres a Great Price on 22Pcs Home Water Block Water Purifier Filters Sediment Carbon Reverse Osmosis Drinking Purifier


22Pcs Home Water Block Water Purifier Filters Phenomenal Deals on:

Dont Miss Sales on 22Pcs Home Water Standard Pack 22 PCS Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement Pack Features & Specifications 1.PP Conton Sediment: Melt blown with thermally boned 100% pure Poly-Proplene microfibers.Remove the water in the sediment iron algae and other particles greater than 5 micron impurities. Dimension:254*60mm Replacement Cycle:3-6 momths 2.UDF Pre-Granular Activated Carbon Remove the chlorine odor methane pesticides fertilizers and other substances. Dimension:250*65mm Replacement Cycle:6-9 momths 3.Carbon Block Filter Can effectively remove the Sediment Rust Red worms and more than 1m of particulate impurities Material:Coconut Shell Dimension:250*68mm Replacement Cycle:6-9 momths 4.UF Post Carbon Inline It is used to Polish and Enhance the water tasting qualities and completely removes any traces or bad tastes and doors 5.Mebrane 50GPD Removes contanimants like BacteriaVirusesEstrogenPesticidesAiRaNO3PbCdHgTotal dissolved solidsincluding many other unhealthy contanimants Package Included: 6xSediment 6xPre-Granular Activated Carbon 6xCarbon Block Filter 3xPost Carbon Inline Deal Alert for 22Pcs Home Water Block Water Purifier

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