♪ Remarkable Deals on 242pcs Assorted Standard & Mini Auto Car Truck

♪ Remarkable Deals on 242pcs Assorted Standard & Mini Auto Car Truck Blade Fuses Set EEEkit 2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A/35A/40A + Mini Automotive Replacement Fuse Assortment Kit for Boat RV SUV


242pcs Assorted Standard & Mini Auto Car Uncover Fantastic Savings for:

New Prices for 242pcs Assorted Standard 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed! 12-month free replacement warranty for manufacturers defects! Product Features: These 32 Volt fast-acting replacement fuses protect your vehicles farm machines and electrical device/ electrical gadgets from short circuit overload etc. Can be easily identified by their color-coded plastic housings and the carved amp rating figures on the top. Cover 22 commonly used blade fuses 110pcs Standard: 2A /3A / 5A/ 7.5A/ 10A/ 15A/ 20A/ 25A/ 30A/ 35A/ 40A (10PCS of each model ) 132pcs mini: 2A/ 3A/ 5A/ 7.5A/ 10A/ 15A/ 20A/ 25A/ 30A/ 35A/ 40A (12PCS of each model ). Applications: These assorted fuses are specifically designed for Cars Trucks SUVs ATVs UTVs Camper RV Motorcycles Fleet Golf Car Boat snowmobiles and most DC applications etc. covering such components as radio light turn signals etc. This set comes with 132pcs small blade fuses and 110pcs standard blade fuses. With Labels: A diagram inside the storage box case corresponds to every compartment with labels and you will know what size each fuse is making it easy to find. Design: The plug-in blade fuses are made from transparent PES with zinc alloy inserts and transparent housings for viewing the fuse link status and quick detection of a blown fuse. Product Specification: Type: Fuses Quantity: 242pcs Operating Temperature: -40 C to + 100 C Rated Voltage: 32V Maximum Current: 40A Note: 110PCS Standard Fuse: 2 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 3 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 5 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 7.5 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 10 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 15 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 20 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 25 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 30 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 35AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 40 AMP Standard Fuse: 10pcs 132PCS Small Fuse: 2 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 3 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 5 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 7.5 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 10 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 15 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 20 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 25 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 30 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 35 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs 40 AMP Mini Fuse: 12pcs Package Includes: 1x 242Pcs Fuses 1x clip Deals & Sales for 242pcs Assorted Standard & Mini Auto

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