☼ Find Big Savings on 30W x 18H Half Octagon Top Right

☼ Find Big Savings on 30W x 18H Half Octagon Top Right (35W x 23H Frame Size): Unfinished Functional PVC Gable Vent w/ 1 x 4 Flat Trim Frame


30W x 18H Half Octagon Top Right New Deal on:

Check Out These Bargains on 30W x 18H Gable vents are a perfect way to enhance the look and feel of your home. You can instantly add a timeless look to any architectural style. Our durable PVC vents work on all types of exterior siding making it perfect for any project. All vents are functional with a mesh backing- no extra installation steps! You can even perfectly match your homes color scheme with these fully paintable gable vents. PVC has all the benefits of wood without the worry. Weather and insect resistant PVC gable vents wont warp rot or attract insects like wood. All vents even come with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. With our PVC gable vents youll be sure to keep the timeless look of your home for years to come. Top-Rated 30W x 18H Half Octagon Top

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