# Amazing Deal on B-7000 Industrial Strength Adhesive (15ml) – Clear

# Amazing Deal on B-7000 Industrial Strength Adhesive (15ml) - Clear


B-7000 Industrial Strength Adhesive (15ml) – Clear Special Price on:

New Sales are Here. 10% Off B-7000 Industrial Strength Buy a new clear 15ml B-7000 Industrial Strength Adhesive to create a transparent super fast waterproof seal when you dont have adhesive tape handy or tape wont work well for your repair.This Industrial Strength Adhesive makes it easy to complete a back glass housing replacement or screen replacement and reseal your phone tablet or other electronic device.It is suitable for use on metal glass ceramic stone wood leather PVC nylon and other industrial products.After curing hardness: 65-80ASurface drying time: 4-6 minutesComplete cure time: 24-48 hoursCharacteristics: no whitening or hardening low odorConcentration/viscosity: 2800mpa.sOperational temperature range: -31 degrees F to 194 degrees FThis bulk product package contains 15ml industrial strength adhesives. Deals & Sales for B-7000 Industrial Strength Adhesive (15ml) –

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