☦ Spring Sales for Bug Off 64R by 80 Instant Screen –

☦ Spring Sales for Bug Off 64R by 80 Instant Screen - Reversible Fits French Doors and Sliding Glass Doors


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Summer Sales for Bug Off 64R Bug Off started the instant screen industry more than 20 years ago and we still use the most durable materials including Screen Mesh that wont fall apart and High Energy Magnets that snap closed better. Our magnets are sewn onto the screen with strong webbing behind them so they wont fall off. No hassle and no damage to your door frame. Its so easy almost anyone can install a Bug Off Screen in about 5 minutes. Move Bug Off from door to door or take it to your vacation home. Use it year-round or temporarily when & where you need it. Space saving design allows for easy storage at seasons end. It installs without tools in about 5 minutes using an included adjustable spring tension rod needing only a 1 depth at the top of your doorjamb for a secure fit. The rod installs into one of two tunnels at the top of the screen for easy height adjustment. You manually adjust the tension rod 1-2 wider than your doorjamb to provide a tight secure fit without damaging your door frame. Sales for Bug Off 64R by 80 Instant

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