✣ Autumn Sales for Country Brook Design® 1/2 Inch Sew on Hook

✣ Autumn Sales for Country Brook Design® 1/2 Inch Sew on Hook and Loop


Country Brook Design® 1/2 Inch Sew on Sales & Savings for:

Dont Miss These Deals on Country Brook Design® Country Brook Designs Hook and Loop is a non-adhesive sew on fastening material that can be used in a wide array of projects. Create functional new projects or use it to amp up existing applications. Replace buttons and zippers with the convenience that hook and loop will provide. Hook and loop allows you to easily and quickly join or separate items. The woven hook tape consists of small flexible hooks which engage with a mating tape comprised of small soft loops. When the two sides are pressed together the hooks and loops catch holding the two sides together. As you separate the strips make their characteristic ripping sound. Sew on hook and loop is used by both NASA and the military on their uniforms equipment vehicles and numerous surfaces; durable enough for your most rugged projects. Make camping and travel less complicated with the ease of organization. Add it to your tent to secure flaps for convenience bundle your camping gear or replace worn out old hook and loop zippers or buttons. Create fashionable clothing or convenient costumes by adding hook and loop tape to your designs; make changing articles of clothing easy and quick. This versatile product has countless uses to cover your fastening needs. Winter Sales for Country Brook Design® 1/2 Inch Sew

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