♠ Check Out Some Sweet Savings on FLUKE F17B+ 4000 Counts Multimeter

♠ Check Out Some Sweet Savings on FLUKE F17B+ 4000 Counts Multimeter Portable Digital Multimeter Handheld Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage Meter Universal Meter Measuring AC/DC Voltage Resistance Capacitance Continuity Diode Temperature Freq


FLUKE F17B+ 4000 Counts Multimeter Portable Digital The Best:

New Deal for FLUKE F17B+ 4000 FeaturesMultifunctional Instrument: used to test DC/AC voltage DC/AC current resistance capacitance continuity diode temperature frequency and duty cycle.Auto Power-off: if there is no operation for 20 minutes the multimeter will auto switch off to save energy. and you can turn this feature off as well.Backlight Auto-off: manual ON/OFF the backlight by a push button and if there is no operation for 2 minutes it will auto switch off. and it allows you to disable the feature.Range Control: auto range and manual range selectable as your demand.Data Hold Function: convenient to read the measurement result.Low Consumption: powered by 2pcs 1.5V AA batteries(NOT included).Compact Size: small multimeter is suitable for single hand operating and portable to carry with.Easy to Use: with its simple design and clear style it is easy to switch testing mode by rotating knob. With a bracket on the back convenient to place it on the table and read the values.Handy Utility Instrument: with high stable performance and accurate results this multimeter is a have for electrician.Other Functions: relative measurement and MAX & MIN value test.SpecificationsMaterial ABSColor: Orange & BlackDisplay: 4000 countsCAT Level: 600V CAT III / 1000V CAT IIRange Control: Auto range & manual rangeAC Voltage Range: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000VAC Voltage Resolution: 0.1mV/0.001V/0.01V/0.1V/1VDC Voltage Range: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000VDC Voltage Resolution: 0.1mV/0.001V/0.01V/0.1V/1VDiode Test: 2VDiode Resolution: 0.001VAC Current Range: 400A/4000A/40mA/400mA/4A/10AAC Current Resolution: 0.1A/1A/0.01mA/0.1mA/0.001A/0.01ADC Current Range: 400A/4000A/40mA/400mA/4A/10ADC Current Resolution: 0.1A/1A/0.01mA/0.1mA/0.001A/0.01AResistance Range: 400/4k/40k/400k/4M/40MResistance Resolution: 0.1/0.001k1/0.01k/0.1k/0.001M/0.01MCapacitance Range: 40nF/400nF/4F/40F/400F/1000FCapacitance Resolution: 0.01nF/0.1nF/0.001F/0.01F/0.1F/1FTemperature Range: 50~400/0~50/-55~0Temperature Resolution: 0.1Frequency Range: 50Hz/500Hz/5KHz/50KHz/100KHzFrequency Resolution: 0.01Hz/0.1Hz/0.001KHz/0.01KHz/0.1KHzDuty Cycle Range: 1~99%Duty Cycle Resolution: 0.1%Working Temperature Range: 040Storage Temperature: -3060Humidity: 0~90%RH Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AA battery (NOT included) Item Size: 183 * 91 * 45mm / 7.20 * 3.58 * 1.77inItem Weight: 517g / 18.25ozPackage Weight: 723g / 25.50ozPackage Size: 20.8 * 10.8 * 5.5cm / 8.18 * 4.25 * 2.16inPackage List:1 * Digital Multimeter1 * Pair of Test Leads1 * K-type Thermocouple Sensor Probe1 * Manual (English) Check Out Some Sweet Savings on FLUKE F17B+ 4000 Counts Multimeter Portable

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