✹ 10% Off Grout Aide Marker – River Rock

✹ 10% Off Grout Aide Marker - River Rock


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Sales & Savings for Grout Aide Marker Grout Aide Marker by SKM Industries is a colored grout marker that makes updating your old grout a breeze! The solution of the grout aide marker is water-resistant fast drying non-bleaching and non toxic therefore it can even be used in a non-ventilated bathroom. The markers contain pigment and an antimicrobial sealant to prevent mold and mildew staining. Each marker can cover approximately 175 lineal feet of grout lines. Please note: Make sure to use the Grout Aide Markers in a small unnoticable area first. The color shown is based on covering white grout therefore the color may be different based on the already existing color it is going over. If the color does not match or it is not to your liking quickly wipe the grout clean with a damp cloth do not let it dry! Dont Miss These Deals on Grout Aide Marker – River Rock

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