♥ Cant Miss Bargains on Maglite ML125-33014 LED 3-Cell C Rechargeable Flashlight

♥ Cant Miss Bargains on Maglite ML125-33014 LED 3-Cell C Rechargeable Flashlight Blk


Maglite ML125-33014 LED 3-Cell C Rechargeable Flashlight Great Sales on:

Amazing Savings on Maglite ML125-33014 LED LED 3-Cell C Rechargeable Flashlight Black – Manufacture ID: ML125-33014Maglite LED ML 125 rechargeable LED flashlight gives you convenience with outstanding tactical performance. The ML125 LED flashlight from Mag Instruments works with 3 C alkaline batteries or the included NiMH rechargeable battery pack. Recharging the MagLite ML125 is simple just remove the battery pack slide it into the charging dock and plug it in! And in traditional Mag Instrument flashlight fashion you get an incredible functionality for peak performance. The Mag Multimode Electronic Switch features 7 modes including maximum output power saving modes and SOS distress signal beacon mode.The Mag Instrument ML125 LED rechargeable flashlight is sealed with rugged rubber O-rings for water resistance. You can use the Mag ML125 in all kinds of weather conditions thanks to the machined aluminum and anodizing to resist corrosion. It is an excellent combination of performance versatility and toughness ensuring you will use this flashlight for years.Features:- Powerful LED Project with Mag Beam Alignment System for optimum output- Runs on NiMH Rechargeable Battery (included) OR 3 C Cell Batteries- Recharging Dock- Anodized for corrosion resistance and durability- Rugged machined aluminum case- Mag Multi-Mode Electronic Switch for 7 Different Modes of Operation- SOS Mode produces beacon distress signalPackage Contents:- Mag Instrument ML125 LED Flashlight 33014- NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack- Portable Battery Charger- AC Converter- SKU: GS90909 Spectacular Sales for Maglite ML125-33014 LED 3-Cell C Rechargeable

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