❣ Shopping Deals for Oslong Green Film 6-Inch PSA Sanding Disks 5-Pack

❣ Shopping Deals for Oslong Green Film 6-Inch PSA Sanding Disks 5-Pack grits 40 - 3000 240


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Shopping Deals for Oslong Green Film Oslong 6 Green Film Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc 5-Pack Adhesive backing choose hole pattern. Greater Durability with Superior Anti-clogging technology. Open coat Zinc-stearated. Outstanding Long-lasting performance. Uniform Thickness and Surface Grit. Unique and Proprietary Pressure-Sensitive Film Backing for Critical Fine Sanding. 6 hole pattern or no holes. Available grits: 40 60 80 100 120 150 180 220 240 280 320 400 500 600 800 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500 and 3000. Truly Revolutionizing the Industry our ultra-premium L338 Sanding Discs provide outstanding Durability and precision when compared to typical paper-backed sandpaper discs. Four main technological innovations make this sandpaper the ultimate long-lasting brand which will convince even the most die-hard brand loyalist to Go Green:- First the unique blend of hidden super-coated aluminum oxide corundum layered in different densities in order to optimize dust dispersion and prevent clogging. Our film discs will outlast any competition – You have to see it to believe it. Second any knowledgeable craftsman knows that the backing is everything when it comes to Quality and consistent performance. Our backing is not paper but a revolutionary blend of pressure-sensitive film providing extreme strength adhesion and sanding control. Third layered-coat technology is employed in production providing unparalleled evenness of grit and wear-resistance. Our paper can be used twice as long as other brands and NEVER tear or warp. Finally in addition to Aluminum Oxide we also blend fine Zirconia corundum in scientifically-tested ratios within our abrasives to enhance sanding speed cutting strength and to further enhance wear-resistance. We have begun to sell these premium discs directly to auto body shops across the country and the reviews have been outstanding. Auto body shops are switching over as fast as they can. We have also discovered that some shops have been paying $0.77 per disc (inquantitiesof 100) for green film technology inferior to Oslong! Sales are here. 10% Off Oslong Green Film 6-Inch PSA Sanding

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