○ Deals on Phenolic Swivel Bolt Hole Caster w/6 X 1.5 Black

○ Deals on Phenolic Swivel Bolt Hole Caster w/6 X 1.5 Black Wheel & Total Locking Brake - 300 lbs Capacity/Caster - Service Caster Brand


Phenolic Swivel Bolt Hole Caster w/6 X Special Prices on:

Great Deal on Phenolic Swivel Bolt Listing is for one (1) Service Caster Series #20 swivel caster with a 6 diameter by 1-1/2 wide phenolic wheel and a bolt hole with total lock brake capable of supporting 300 lbs./caster.When searching for a reliable and durable solution to your caster needs consider Service Casters Series 20 phenolic casters. The Service Caster Series #20 is ideal for light and medium duty material handling carts equipment and shop projects. The phenolic wheels have a high resistance to impact damage while providing protection for floors in commercial and industrial settings. Phenolic wheels not only provide higher load capacities and impact resistance than comparable wheels but are also resistant to most chemicals and oils. Mounting options include top plate bolt hole and standard and metric threaded stem sizes. All rolling on a finely crafted ball bearing design and zinc plated finish that provides durability under any condition and keeps you safely moving forward. Service Caster is unsurpassed in quality reliability and excellent customer service. Count on us to move you forward. Amazing Savings for Phenolic Swivel Bolt Hole Caster w/6

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