♪ Dont Miss These Deals on Pliers

♪ Dont Miss These Deals on Pliers


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Uncover Fantastic Savings for Pliers Penn Bull Nose Pliers are rigged and ergonomic. Designed from corrosion resistant stainless steel and coated in black Nickel Titanium these pliers provide strength hardness and corrosion resistance. Other features include replaceable line cutters and knot cinching holes located in the jaws. With a stainless steel body and jaws coated nickel titanium (Nitinol) black these ergonomic pliers and corrosion will not move a millimeter.Features:- Stainless steel construction- Black Nickel Titanium coating – Replaceable cutters for both mono and braided lines- Ergonomic non slip grips Specifications:- Length: 8- Color: Black/Gray New Prices for Pliers

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