♚ New Spring Deals for Premium 42 VF L-Face Firebox SRAO Logset

♚ New Spring Deals for Premium 42 VF L-Face Firebox SRAO Logset & MV Slope Glaze Burner - LP


Premium 42 VF L-Face Firebox SRAO Logset Huge Deal on:

Cant Miss Deals for Premium 42 VF The Breckenridge Premium 42 is a great sized vent-free firebox. It features a Louvered Face. The White Mountain Hearth Stacked Aged Oak Refractory Log Set is a beautiful hand painted set of 8 logs. They will look amazing in your firebox. The natural looking stack of this log set allows for flickering and dancing flames through the logs for a natural looking fire. Unlike a wood fire the vent-free logs generate consistent controlled heat without flare-ups or die-downs. The Slope Glaze Burner features concealed controls and include a standing pilot for instant starts. This burner includes a millivolt valve and features ON/OFF operation and can be controlled manually or by remote or wall switch (sold separately). There is no flame control or temperature adjustment with this burner. You have the option of using a thermostat a remote or a combination thermostat and remote. It DOES NOT include a remote or a thermostat. A Vent-Free Burner may be installed in a vented fireplace for use as a decorative appliance. A decorative appliance operates with an on/off switch or remote and may not operate with a thermostat. Note: Extended hoods (Not Included Sold Separately) are required for installations where the fireplace surround materials are thicker than one inch. For installation in any White Mountain Hearth standard mantel use the standard hood (Included). This unit (burner) does not include a remote control. Compatible remote systems: FRBC (On/Off Remote) FRBTC (Thermostat Remote) FREC (Electric Remote) FRBTPS (Programmable Remote) FWS1 (On/Off Wall Switch) TMV (Reed Switch) TRW (Wireless Wall Thermostat Remote) TDV1 (Wall Tstat). Includes: Premium 42 Firebox Standard Hood (Black) Refractory Log Set and MV Slope Glaze Burner. Required: No additional items required to complete. Features: Model #: VFP42FB0L-LS30SRAO-VFSR30LP. Firebox:. Series: Premium 42. Type: Vent-Free Louvered Face Firebox. Framing Dimensions: 44.37 (W) x 20.56 (D) x 38.87 (H). Outer Firebox Dimensions: 43.25 (FW)x 35.25 (RW) x 20.43 (D) x 38.05 (H). Logs:. Log Size: 24. 8-piece Log Set. Log Type: Stacked Aged Oak Refractory. Burner:. BTUs: 38000. Burner Size: 24. Fuel Type: Liquid Propane. Air Shutter: Full Open. Burner Type: Vent-Free/Vented. Control Type: Millivolt with On/Off Switch. Convert to Vented Systems by opening Flue Damper. Minimum Clearance Dimensions: 34 (FW) x 24 (RW) x 14 (D) x 20 (H). Liner shown in image however it is not included in this product (sold separately). NOTE: We estimate the shipping time for this fireplace package to be 3-4 weeks since this is a custom configured package – made just for you! Sometimes we are able to ship within just a few days – so please feel free to contact us the get a better shipping time estimate. Spring Savings for Premium 42 VF L-Face Firebox SRAO

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