✤ Deal Alert for Rasmussen Frosted Oak Log Set w/ 30 (CXF)

✤ Deal Alert for Rasmussen Frosted Oak Log Set w/ 30 (CXF) Burner and Remote Pilot NG 27


Rasmussen Frosted Oak Log Set w/ 30 New Deals on:

Deal. 10% Off Rasmussen Frosted Oak The Frosted Oak Log Set with 30-Inch Custom Embers Pan Burner from Rasmussen offers a superior gas log set that is sure to enhance your perfect living space by creating warmth and luxury accompanied by fire. The Frosted Oak gas logs are characterized by a full rounded straight log with a large knot and heavy bark features for a full appearance. This pristine fire feature is specifically designed for transforming your wood burning fireplace into a more energy efficient gas powered heating element that is perfect for use in large fireplace enclosures. The log offering provides a wealth of custom options that include preference of log size fuel type burner and your choice of safety pilot kit. Rasmussens meticulous molding process requires pieces of real wood in order to develop their stunning log patterns. The ceramic refractory concrete used in the log construction results in a product that is high heat resistant while the expanded clay aggregates and rigid steel rod reinforcement guarantee extreme strength. This unit includes a remote ready safety pilot kit and has been designed for use with natural gas. (S276-CXF30-B-N-RPK3E-N) Uncover Fantastic Savings for Rasmussen Frosted Oak Log Set w/

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