❣ Shop these Amazing Deals for Semi Steel Cast Iron Swivel Threaded

❣ Shop these Amazing Deals for Semi Steel Cast Iron Swivel Threaded Stem Caster Set of 4 - 5 x 1.25 Silver Wheels and 12MM Metric Stems - Includes 2 with Total Locking Brake - 1200 lbs Total Capacity - Service Caster Brand


Semi Steel Cast Iron Swivel Threaded Stem Spectacular Deals for:

Great Sales on Semi Steel Cast Listing is for a set of four (4) Service Caster Series #20 casters two (2) swivel 12mm-1.75 X 1-1/2 metric threaded stem with total lock brake casters and two (2) swivel casters with 5 diameter by 1-1/4 wide semi steel cast iron wheels. Supports a total weight of 1200lbs (300lbs/per caster).When searching for a reliable and durable solution to your caster needs consider Service Casters Series 20 sleeve bearing semi-steel cast iron casters. The Service Caster Series #20 is ideal for light and medium duty material handling carts equipment and shop projects. The zinc plated finish provides durability under any condition while the semi-steel wheels are abrasion resistant and rugged maintaining effortless rolling under heavier loads and provides a cost-effective solution over steel wheels. Sleeve bearings provide a metal sleeve inserted in a wheel to rest directly on the axle. This option is only recommended when rolling ease is less critical. Mounting options include top plate bolt hole and standard and metric threaded stem sizes. Service Caster is unsurpassed in quality reliability and excellent customer service. Count on us to move you forward. BIG Deal on Semi Steel Cast Iron Swivel Threaded

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