♦ Cant Miss Deals on Service Caster – 8 x 2 V

♦ Cant Miss Deals on Service Caster - 8 x 2 V Groove Semi Steel Wheel Swivel Caster w/Brake - 1400lbs/Caster


Service Caster – 8 x 2 V New Prices for:

Deals & Discounts for Service Caster – Listing is for one (1) Service Caster Series #30 swivel caster with a 8 diameter 2 wide v-groove semi steel wheel fitted with a top locking brake. Supports 1250 pounds (lbs) per caster.When searching for a reliable and durable solution for heavy duty projects consider Service Casters Series 30 top plate semi steel cast iron v-groove wheel casters. The Service Caster Series #30 v-groove wheel is designed to roll on 45 degree angled track and also has a flat face suitable for non-tracked use. The semi-steel cast iron wheel is built to withstand high capacity heavy loads up to 1250lbs and in temperatures up to 600F. An economic choice over steel semi-steel wheels are abrasion resistant and rugged. Finely crafted with double ball bearing heat treated raceways these versatile casters are ideal for a wide range of applications specific to high capacity tracked workflows but also for dollies platform trucks warehouse carts and freight terminals. Or ensure a smooth and secure ride for industrial and commercial equipment. Even drywall carts welding carts and wall panel carts will be ready to roll on the Series 30 keeping you moving forward. Service Caster is unsurpassed in quality reliability and excellent customer service. Count on us to move you forward. Special Price on Service Caster – 8 x 2

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