✴ Special Sales for Super Soft 3 Strand Twisted Cotton Rope –

✴ Special Sales for Super Soft 3 Strand Twisted Cotton Rope - Multiple Colors to Choose from in Various Diameters and Lengths


Super Soft 3 Strand Twisted Cotton Rope Savings on:

Find Savings on Super Soft 3 Youll know you made the right choice when you get your hands on this soft supple Cotton Rope from Craft County. Our 3 Strand-twisted cotton rope also known as laid rope or cotton cord is made from three cotton strands woven together to make an adaptable vibrant and useful cord. This rope is perfect for any use or idea you can dream up. Twisted cotton rope is available by the foot and is very easy to tie in knots and splice; making it one of the most popular materials for creating versatile do-it-yourself crafts. With many different sizes and colors available you can get the perfect rope for whatever craft project you may have from macrame decorative wall hangings scrapbooking rope bowls or baskets hanging lanterns braided rug/mats or wrap it around plant pots for a very vintage look. This rope is also good for outdoor uses as well as horse leads pet toys kids toys and much more. Craft County twisted cotton rope is very high quality with pillowy soft cotton strands. You can choose different colors and braid them together to make an even more unique look. Whether you buy this for arts and craft uses decorations or just to give as a gift around the holidays you cannot go wrong with Craft Countys Twisted Cotton Rope.Craft County twisted cotton rope is available in widths of 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 and 1 and lengths of 10 25 50 and 100 feet. Choose from a large variety of colors or get a couple colors and wind them together to custom make your own cord. Whatever your needs may be Craft County 3 Strand Twisted Cotton Rope is the right rope for you! New Seasonal Sales are Here Super Soft 3 Strand Twisted Cotton

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