☪ Spectacular Sales for VEVOR Well Pump 1/2 HP Submersible Well Pump

☪ Spectacular Sales for VEVOR Well Pump 1/2 HP Submersible Well Pump 150ft Head 25GPM Deep Well Pump


VEVOR Well Pump 1/2 HP Submersible Well Great Deal on:

Amazing Savings for VEVOR Well Pump Product Description: The 0.5hp Submersible Bore Water Pump gives you a class-leading flow rate producing an provides a consistent flow rate at up to dizzying 164ft depth under surface. And if you need to go really deep its 6 impellers will still be producing 96L/min at a dizzying depth of 164ft(should you need an even higher capacity check out the most powerful of them all – the 3hp Feature 4 deep well submersible pump fits in the 4 well casing 50m / 164ft max head25.5GPM Max flow 6 impellers to provide stable and remarkable performance Stainless steel body. Industrial grade heavy duty also good for home usage Built in built-in capacitor. This pump DOES NOT require an external control box! High efficiency hermetically sealed motor is thermally protected to prevent overheating and uses less energy 5ft long electric cord comes with this submersible deep well pump Class-leading flow rate Heavy-duty thermoplastic impellers diffusers and intake screen This pump has a built in check valve Highest quality 304-grade stainless-steel housing Submersible down to a water depth of 1.5m Specifications Motor: 0.5HP /0.37KW Voltage: 110V / 60Hz Diameter: 4 Internal thread diameter: 1.25 Max flow: 5.8 m/h 96L/min 25.5GPM Rated Flow: 3 m/h 50L/min 13.2GPM Max Head: 50m / 164ft Rated Head: 32m / 105ft Rev: 2850RPM Phase: Single Number of impeller: 6 Water PH: 6.5-8.5 Max Ambient Temp: 7 C Max Fluid Temp: 40 C Package Content 1 x Submersible Bore Water Pump 1 x 1.5m(5ft) Cable 1 x User manual Spectacular Deals for VEVOR Well Pump 1/2 HP Submersible

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