Lebanese media banned from talking to U.S. ambassador after Hezbollah criticismThe U.S. ambassador to Lebanon has vowed she won’t be silenced despite a court order banning media outlets from talking to her — a ruling that was slammed by some within the Lebanese government — after she criticized the country’s most powerful party amid an escalating financial crisis. A judge passed an order to stop media outlets from speaking to Dorothy Shea or reporting her comments for a year or face a $200,000 fine and a broadcasting ban if adopted by the country’s Information Ministry, after she publicly criticized Hezbollah, the Iran-backed political party and militant group that controls the country’s government. Saturday’s ruling by Judge Mohammed Mazeh, who is based in the southern Hezbollah stronghold of Tyre, came after Shea accused Hezbollah of destabilizing an economic recovery in Lebanon and siphoning billions of dollars from the government.